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How to Clean your Ceiling

Generally, walls and ceilings are painted with either latex or alkyd paint. Latex, a water-based paint, is easy to wash after it has set. Alkyd, or oil-based paint, is durable and washable. Both types come in four finishes: flat (for walls and ceilings), satin (for doors and trim), semigloss (for walls), and gloss (for kitchenContinue reading “How to Clean your Ceiling”

living room with rustic theme

Where Germs Hide…

7 Spots your Often Miss While Cleaning So, you clean your house regularly – kitchen is wiped down, dishes are done, carpets are vacuumed, bathrooms are cleaned, beds are made, and the laundry is put away. “Hooray” you say as you pat yourself on the back and sit down to put your feet up. ButContinue reading “Where Germs Hide…”

Essential Oils for Cleaning

An inexpensive, non-toxic alternative to commercial cleaners, this essential oil All-purpose spray will soon become your go-to cleaning agent. When you want to keep your family safe from chemicals and leave your home smelling fresh and clean, this all-purpose spray can help you get the job done.  You can use any essential oils of your choice,Continue reading “Essential Oils for Cleaning”


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